The Shishim Hill artist-in-residence program was launched in July 2019 by Brusnika, a property development company, in the city of Ekaterinburg. Located in the city's historic area of Uktus, the residential area called Shishim Hill accommodates a broad range of artistic talent. Selected artists-in-residence enjoy a spacious work/live studio on the ground floor of one of the buildings. The project is operated by the Cultural Transit Foundation.


Shishim Hill artists-in-residence are invited by the curator or selected by applications. The objective of the artist-in-residence program is to work with the local context. The residency opportunities are open to national and international artists, researchers and curators. Each resident has access to a living area and a spacious workshop with panoramic windows.
The collaborative environment of the workshop and the communal aspects of the residence help
foster dialogue between artists-in-residence and the local community.
"The core mission of the residence is to facilitate
work with the local context, where each of the participants is free to choose whatever appeals to them – from engaging with neighbours to wind
fluctuations in the surrounding hills."

Zhenya Chaika, curator
All selected artists benefit from:

  • artist's fee for 2–4 weeks in residence
  • free accommodation
  • costs of materials covered
  • translation
  • assistance in obtaining a visa, travel grant and/ or additional financing
Organizational support
We offer:

  • assistance in organizing the project
  • PR support
  • organization of public events and talks
  • curatorial support
  • final exhibition
  • assistance in production
Artists are invited to:

  • hold public events (artist talks, open studio, informal conversations)
  • work in the residence which is open to public by prior arrangement
  • presentation of the results of the residency is welcome, but not a must
25 Gastello street, Ekaterinburg