Natasha Podunova
Photographer, contemporary artist. Natasha is a member of the All-Russia Union of Photographers since 2012. She explores the topic of time as a physical phenomenon and its subjective perception by human. Natasha lives and works in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg.

Her solo exhibitions were held in Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk. Natasha used to take part in group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including the Yunnan Provincial Museum ("My family and I", 2020), the Russiantearoom gallery and curating agency in Paris ("Under pressure", 2017), the International festival of photography in China (2014, 2016), the 9th International Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography" in Moscow (2015), "OpenBorder" Festival in Amsterdam (2014), Festival of Screen and Media Arts in Krasnoyarsk (2013), "PhotoExpo" in Romania (2012) and other projects.

The awards and contests, in which the photographer took part, run as follows: a special jury mark at the Moscow International Foto Awards in the "Science" category (Moscow, 2019); nomination for the International Photography Grant Award (London, 2018); shortlist of the "Les Boutographies" (2017); a special award from the IPA jury in the "Family of man" single photo competition in the "Family Portrait" category (2016); gold medal in the category "Documentary photography" at the 15th International Photography Festival in China (2013).

Natasha Podunova created the photo book "Look wider" (2012). This publication is included in the collections of the Association Valentin Haüy (Paris, France), the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Gdansk, Helsinki, Vienna, the Russian Society of Art and Culture in Antalya (Turkey), the Sverdlovsk Regional Scientific Library named after V.I. Belinsky (Yekaterinburg), as well as libraries for the blind in more than twenty cities of Russia and the Baltic countries.
About the research
How did the artist work in the art residence
At the Shishim Hill, Natasha Podunova decided to work on two new projects. One of them has the working title "Eight Lives" and considers the images of plants in different periods of life: what grabs attention is that in each period an image seems complete. During her residence, Natasha collected photographic sketches made in same vein and imagined how they could be presented. Thus, she implemented the principle of working on a project "from the end".

The second project is "100% natural". Here the artist is at the stage of defining the subject of research and clarifying the hypothesis, which so far sounds like this: "Everything that is produced on our planet is the fruit of nature, which means that all material objects and substances are natural. Man, as the most intelligent living being, can not only combine one substance with another, but also change its molecular, physical composition, send new compounds into space. Perhaps, this is one of our missions on Earth - to create something that no other animal can create."

The lottery lunch was an experimental approach to complex scientific problems, and an interdisciplinary discussion dedicated to the unpopular assertion that everything in the world is 100% natural completed Natasha's series of activities in the residence.
Photo: Alyona Skala