Asya Marakulina
St. Petersburg
Born in 1988 in Perm, Russia. In 2006 graduated from a Professional College in Perm with a diploma in Computer Graphics. In 2015 graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Saint Petersburg State University, majoring in Production and Design of Animated Films and from «The School for Young Artist», PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Participated in group exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Helsinki, New York, Kaliningrad. Participant of the artists group «North-7» in 2014–2015.

Asya is the recipient of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art program in support of emerging Russian artists in 2015–2016; the winner of the Credit Suisse Cosmoscow Prize for Young Artist (2018). Special prize of the Institute Français in St. Petersburg at the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (2018). Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Going through her own personal experience and at the same time watching the world go by, Asya finds visual and poetic parallels, which are embodied in some universal schemes, lyrical mapping. She uses different tools and techniques: drawing, textile, installation, painting, animation.
About the research
How did the artist work in the art residence
For Asya Marakulina, the Shishim Hill residence was the time for summing up results. The last few years Asya spent in a very active creative mode, and even in 2020, which was marked by the complexities of the pandemic, she did not slow down the rhythm of participation in solo and group projects. November in the residence was the time of calm and analysis of the collected materials. Asya focused on developing her own website, where she presented all her projects.

Slow work, review of archives and selecting the right shots brought up the topics for activities that were held within the residence's open studios. They elaborated on the role of website in the presentation of a professional artist, discussed the importance of documenting the artistic process and whether it is an integral part of an artist's work or the work of an institution. Asya concluded her stay at the residence with a narrative about her experience at art residences by stringing together stories from Belgium, France, Switzerland and, of course, Russia.

One of the Saturday events in November coincided with the "Kvartirale" city festival. For this Saturday, Asya Marakulina prepared a one-day exhibition "Kite", which was based on the series of graphic pieces under the same name created during the residence.
Photo: Alyona Skala