Anna Litovskikh
Art worker and participant of art critics circle in Yekaterinburg. Graduated from Ural Federal University with BA in Art History (2016), studied cross-disciplinary strategies at Die Angewandte University in Vienna. Took part in V-A-C's 5th Moscow curatorial summer school and the curatorial lab at Salzburg Summer art academy.

Co-curated (together with Svetlana Usoltseva and Vladimir Seleznev) projects "Unrandom connections" and "5x3" at NCCA Ural branch. Co-curated (together with Lev Shusharichev) research project and exhibition "Man at the plant" for the 4th Ural industrial biennial of contemporary art. Co-curated and coordinated (together with Kristina Gorlanova and Artyom Antipin) Art residency program for 5th Ural industrial biennial of contemporary art.
About the research
How did the curator work in the art residence
Anna Litovskikh is the first curator who became a resident at the Shishim Hill. In her exploration of the place, Anya focused on the practice of good neighborliness, the principles of friendship, and the logic of compatibility, which is prompted by the very location of the residence. According to Anya's observations, a residence located on the ground floor of a residential building, and which is not a commercial structure, could, albeit temporarily, become a public space, a place for shared creative effort of those who live nearby.

The experiment of introducing compatibility showed that benevolence, willingness and invitation to create together constitute only the first step that build strong neighborly relations, to inspire sympathy and desire to make something together time should pass and the shoots of a counter impulse take time to sprout. In the meantime, only fantasies remain, free and enclosed in the utopian constructs. Developing the utopia of an ideal life, Anna Litovskikh designed the "Fleeting Uktus" magazine, its editorial office resides in the world of the upcoming utopia. One issue of this magazine, a man-made zine that was repeated 20 times, became the result of Anya's residence.
Photo: Alyona Skala