Andrey Chugunov
Interdisciplinary artist.

Andrey was born in Sverdlovsk (currently Yekaterinburg) in 1991.

He works with digital and analogue media, generative graphics, sound, technological sculpture, media performances and installations. He researches topics of mortality, temporality, autonomy, and memory decay in his artworks.

Andrey won the "New Faces" award in the Art division in the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival in 2018. He is a nominee of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award for 2018 as part of 4g art group in the category "Art in Public Space". He is the winner of the Art of Neuroscience contest and Niio x AI Art Prizes nominee as part of pt9 art group in 2019.

Andrey considers interdisciplinary research in art groups as an important part of his artistic practice. In pt9 art group, participators are studying how technological development redefines the concepts of autonomy, embodiment and technological diversity between the body, technology and the environment. As part of the art group 4G, participants study the urban environment and social interactions inside of it. Andrey is also one of the cooperators of the international Vladivostok art residence "ZAHVAT".

He received an engineering education in the field of alternative and renewable energy sources in 2008-2013 at the Ural Federal University. He participated in the Laboratory of a young artist in the Ural branch of the State Center for Contemporary Art in 2018. Currently, he gets a master's degree in Digital art at the Far Eastern Federal University from 2018 to 2020.
About the research
How did the artist work in the art residence
Andrey Chugunov came to the Shishim Hill residence immediately after returning from Vladivostok, where he had studied for a master's degree in digital art (FEFU) for two years. The residence became a step in his artistic adaptation whiles returning home, an important stage for the appropriation of knowledge obtained in the educational process and those artistic ideas that began to crystallize on the renewed basis.

As a result of the residence Andrey created the prototype of what, possibly, in the future will grow into a large-scale installation. The center of the study was water, viewed as an acting subject capable of changing the nature of stone and measuring time with itself. Applying his engineering skills, Andrey made up a model of a meditative fountain. In it, drop by drop, the coming water wears away the stone, which was brought from the island in the Sea of Japan and also kept the artist's memories.
Photo: Alyona Skala