Lukasz Chrobok
Lukasz Chrobok was born in Dabrowa Gornicza (Poland) in 1976, lives and works in Hamburg (Germany).

He was trained as photographer, illustrator and painter. For the last couple of years he has focused on themes like construction, fragmentation and synthesis. The moment of transition from fragmentation to synthesis is especially intriguing for the artist. He observes the relations between shapes and colors and how they mutually dissolve once put into space. Currently, in his works, Lukasz Chrobok applies the alphabet of forms to figures and portraits. He examines the classic portraits, assuming that figures are posing half-profile, arranged and in front of a decaying curtain, at the same time, being a part of a must-know cultural archive, they are somehow post-traumatically placed at the edges of memories and associations.
Photo: Alena Skala
About the project in the artist residence
Lukasz Chrobok spent in the Shishim Hill Residency a March of 2020. Each Saturday we invited guests for the artistic lunches, improvised by the artist. Each lunch presupposed the thematic menu idea and was completely led by a natural communication process: before we could eat the lunch had to be cooked. All the participants took their parts in preparational process and occupied their places on an imaginary but very practical production line.

Cooking obviously worked as a process itself, but also served as a literal analogy of an artistic process. Steps of choosing the theme and artistic media we can express it through, paralleled by those of selecting the ingredients and ways they can be prepared. The format of these residential events emphasizes that the art is not just a piece to be properly served, in other words, it's more than a result, even more: maybe the result (the finest one, of course) is the least of the funs, which can be given by art.

The goal was not only to share the fruitful process of creation, of making sketches and of playing with the ideas, but also to enrich the research and fill it with talks and opinions of people cooking and eating in a friendly atmosphere. The interaction, a feeding of artist's impressions with ideas and knowledge of guests – a needed extension of any site-specific exploration. As staying in the framework of contemporary art, we still prefer to analyse sites, which are widely inhabited by human beings, intertwined with their connections and probably even polluted by their mediations.
Luncж#1. The End in the Beginning
Artist talk of Lukasz Chrobok. Videos from the Hamburg Studio.
Menu ideas: mushrooms, yeast and the self-reproducing meal
Luncж#2. Mnjamm Jam
Open discussion: Archiving an art-event. Sharing an experience of Action by 2025. How to Loop - Ideas, music or recipes.
Menu ideas: soups, trowels and open mic.
Luncж#3. Basic Colors
What are the colors which could be found in Ural ground and seen in Ural city? Lukasz Chrobok shares his coloristic discoveries and mixes food and pigments ingredients.
Menu ideas: products of bright colors – yellow, red, blue (?), but more… Cooking the palette.
Luncж#4. End of the residence presentation
Be ready to be surprised and bring your traditional home pastries for the last Lunch with Lukasz.
Menu ideas: pastries and sweets – mothers and grandma's recipes. Let's taste the best moments memories while drastically mixing the process with the result.