Dmitry Moskvin
Dmitry Moskvin is a PhD in political science, researcher of the city, head of the Centre of author's excursions.
"Uktus character"
About the project in the artist residence
Uktus is famous for its mining plant, its landscape and nature, and as a residential area in the outskirts of the city. But it's much more than that. This is a place of rich heritage, full of ambitious projects. It is a place which carefully hides its unique nature. Moving closer to the Uktus mountains, a rare city dweller realizes how powerful this place is.

The project "Uktus character" is a way to take a closer look, listen and start to examine and study the seemingly small area of Uktus. The mosaic of this unique place in Ekaterinburg is formed on the basis of city expeditions, interviews with local residents, photographs and artists' sketches. In July, citizens of Ekaterinburg could take part in various events and shape their own image of Uktus. Every week throughout the month, collective studies of the local area through a series of city expeditions, educational author's tours and creative workshops in sketching local life were held. From these were created personal area maps.

Once you've been a part of those events, you can easily answer the question of what to show in Uktus. Each participant comes up with their own route for walking with guests and can share a range of fascinating stories about Uktus as the birthplace of Ekaterinburg.