Ilya Grishaev
Artist, co-curator of the FFTN space, producer and director of the Chasklip media archaeological series, and teacher at the Tochka design school.

Ilya studied design at Perm Humanities and Technology Institute, icon panting at Perm theological seminary and contemporary art practices at the School for Young Artists (ProArte Institute, Saint Petersburg). The artworks of the artist were exhibited at the main project of the 5th Ural industrial biennale of contemporary art, at the main project of the 6th Moscow International biennale for young art, and in the Manifestos-10 parallel program.

Artistically, Ilya implies abstract graphics as a way or gesture of writing, explores the relations between original and copy, questions limits of mechanical, chemical and digital reproduction. In his projects, Grishaev applies drawing, fresco, stencil, patterns, adresses verbal and musical symbolisation in a search of enigmatic formulas for potentially efficient messages.


Artistic residence is first of all a process, but not each and every artist is ready to share the components of this process. Ilya Grishaev chooses his way to follow the modernist tradition, so, he believes in the ultimate finality of the artwork, in the fact that the moments of making a work compose a personal issue of professional artist. The series and copies allow to adapt to the speeds of the day. This is a kind of partial completeness. Thus, as a method here appear the graphics, which consist of series, or video, which is transformed to the serial. Another way to guarantee the staging is to transform each undirected movement into the path, and to destruct that path to gestures and occasions. This sly mode of being terminal builds up chains and speaks through ornaments - and no element is anymore aware about being the whole or being connected with others, staying self sufficient or becoming multiply repeated.
Artist talk
Ilya Grishaev
The classic artist talk: the artist's monologue followed by questions of listeners. The format of a presentation is homage to the artist Etienne Cliquet. Ilya represents his artistic search as a path, which crosses different folders and files of his computer.

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The conceptual walk with an artist around the neighborhood of the Shishim hill
The experimental route, elaborated by Ilya Grishaev in the residence. Subjective disclosures of an artist meet interpretations of the participants of the walk, the rules for the game are changed on the run, the view to the district gets restored.

Gathering at Shishim hill artistic residence
Premiere of the new episode of the Chasclip series
The on-site screening in the residence and simultaneous release on YouTube of the new episode of the video project of Ilya Grishaev, the one thematised through music. Informal discussion afterwards.
Final open studio
The artist will present his graphic and light graphic works, created through direct intervention into the residence space.